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Go WILD today and make the difference. 

Be elegant, be smart, these designs are for you.

We are a multidisciplinary team of experienced young designers,

with a background in computational design, architecture and digital fabrication,

and we are here to make something different for you.


Wear something outstanding today and avoid conventionalisms. This selection of elegant and transgressor designs are calling you. What are you waiting for?! Open the gallery and pick up the one that you prefer! Dare to wear them. Combine them and chose your preferred metal. Options are endless.


From slick lighting installations to table wear decorative elements, chose among the different options Wild has designed for you, and put the accent in this especial corner of your habitat you want to highlight.  Cheer up your spaces with us.


We are specialists in making our client vision come true, from design to fabrication, offering exciting and outstanding concepts for interior design projects, commercial stands, and exhibition spaces. Check out our architectural portfolio and get in touch with us. We will turn your idea into a real space.

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