Yota Pavilion for the Mobile World Congress 2014

Pavilion for the "Mobile World Congress 2014" Barcelona

- Material:  Plywood / MDF

- Yota Devices Pavilion for the "Mobile World Congress 2014" Barcelona

- Status: 1st prize competition, Built

- Built up area: 120 m2

- Project direction:  External Reference [ Carmelo Zappulla ]

- Nacho Toribio, Collaborators: Carlos Bausa, Luca Brucculeri

- Production: Craft Art Labour, Medio Design, Fab Lab IAAC Barcelona

Thanks to External reference architects, I was involved in the design and construction of the Yota Pavilion for the Mobile World Congress 2014. I worked on the development the Parametric 3D modelling and components distribution using “Grasshopper” and other external software specialised in material optimisation, used to distribute the cutting of linear and bi-dimensional elements.
The parametric modelling tools were mainly addressed to the digital fabrication process, helping in the creation of automatic constructive detaill plans, precise numbering of components, length measurement, and elements distribution on standard MDF boards . The result was significant reduction of material waste and automation of the repetitive CAD drawing processes.

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