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WILD is a multidisciplinary team of experienced young architects, designers, and artist, with a background in computational design, coding and digital fabrication. After years working for big architectural corporations, we decided to get the best out of what we learnt from this professional experience, and apply it to turn our lives into something even more exciting. Thus focusing exclusively on what we love the most, about design. Then we decided applying our expertise, efficacy and passion on creating exceptional and advanced design pieces you can wear or enjoy in your habitat and working environment. We want to make every moment of your life an act of expression so you don’t have to hide what you have inside, just take it out and go WILD with us.


We love what we do, and we are concern about being socially and environmentally responsible, that’s why our team manufactures and produces every piece here in LONDON, avoiding mass production industrial chains, to take care of every detail, and be sure what is delivered has been supervised carefully and you will enjoy it.


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