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Papillon d'Or

Festival des Architectures Vives (Montpellier 2019) * People Choice Award * 

Papillon d’Or is a sculptural parametric installation taking inspiration from the suspended movement in air of a butterfly. The installation represents the team’s personal interpretation of the theme of beauty for the Montpellier FAV festival, concentrating on an abstraction of the butterfly — a symbol of freedom, ephemerality, beauty — and aspects of lightness, color and the use of light. This temporary installation has been designed with the intention to instigate childlike excitement, by making use of golden dichroic, holographic mirror vinyl, which will refract light and offering visitors various experiences of the installation in relation to different viewpoints. Through the juxtaposition between modern computational design and the historic courtyard site, a tension is generated, transforming and redefining the space and the generated spatial impressions of visitors through the use of light and shadow. Both the design and fabrication processes are driven by computational tools: the Papillon D’Or, made out of PET and vinyl components are based on a minimal surface, which has been reparametrized and algorithmically optimized and panelized.    


Visit the publication released by the festival website

Authors:   ​Dirce Medina Patatuchi, Cristina Nan,  Carlos Bausa Martinez  

Thanks to our great support team: Andrea Hawley Harjanto, Irem Serefoglu, Carlos Bausa Valdes, Ines Martinez Rodriguez, and especially to Camille Andriason and the FAV team

Photography credits:  ©annbuas  /  ©photoarchitecture  / ©FestivaldesArchitecturesVives

Special thanks to our sponsors and mentors, who gave us their technical experience and support during the whole process.

University of Edinburgh / Bausa Master Mariner 

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