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Full colour circle

Addressable colour LED installation for interiors.

This indoor light installation is made for you to express your unique personality, changing with your style, personality, and daily mood.

It has been conceived for indoor spaces as an artistic reaction of self-expression against the greyness that surrounds us periodically.  Offices and indoor spaces most of the time are aseptic, and minimal to the limits of what self-aware creative minded people can withstand. In certain spaces, the colours and acts of creative self-expression are banned, and filtered through corporative standards and regulations imposed to create an overall impression of perfect control, rigorousity and a neatness feeling.  

With this lighting appliance is easy to create a unique personal corners since is portable, bringing colours, to your life, fightback the greyness of the world, where sometimes we could be immersed in (mostly on winter days, at northern latitudes). Its bright colour spectrum fades slowly shifting gradients, making the area where you locate it alive and cheerful.  

Different gradients can be selected adjusting the colour ranges from cold colours to warm colours, and the speed of the cycle helping you to meet your mood, at any moment of the day in the way you decide, creating a warming atmosphere for a romantic dinner, or a celebration with friends and family.

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