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Synthetic Landscapes

Experimental lighting design workshop held in  the University of Edinburgh [ department of architecture school of arts]

- Tutors:  Carlos Bausa Martinez & Dirce Medina Patatuchi

- Promoted by:  Dr. Cristina Nan (Lecturer at Edinburg University)

- Sponsored by: University of Edinburgh ( department of architecture school of arts)

The workshop had theory lessons and prototyping sessions. We introduced the students in the world of digital fabrication using parametric modelling tools like “Grasshopper 3D” for Rhinoceros, to design and model the pieces of the lamps geometry and put it all together in and interactive lighting installation. We added an extra input teaching the students notions of visual programming tools such as TOUCHDESIGNER, showing them how to create a script to map RGB pixels and display videos in a led strip array. This was possible thanks to special Art net cards to control the pixels information. The whole installation was interactive responding to a web cam and proximity sensors, modifying the colour pallet according to the proximity of the people that was surrounding the installation.  

In general was an amazing experience were everybody had fun and learned new things, including us, the tutors. Each student had the chance to take home the components assembled and programmed by them as gift for their efforts and good work. We wanted it this way so each one of them had the chance to practice at home or in their studios the lessons learned, expanding its curiosity and never ending creativity.

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