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Container Cocktail Bar

Exclusive low cost parametric portable architecture

- Status: Concept design for interior cladding

- Area: 100m2

- Estimate Budget: 40.000€

- Technique: CNC cut

- Material:  Plywood / MDF

In the Era of 4th industrial revolutions digital manufacturing techniques came to stay and help architects and designers to bring to life the most complex shapes and surface topologies they could imagine.  Parametric design 3D tools bring us unlimited potential to unleash our creativity in the way we consider more appropriate, and digital fabrication and CNC manufacturing can gave us the freedom and accuracy to replicate in the real world what we have created in a computer aided design software.

As an example of the lessons learned in past projects we develop this conceptual design for a cocktail bar cladding. With a minimum budget we fit with in a 12m metal shipping container normally used for goods that travels from one continent to another. This containers and are incredibly cheap ( no more than few hundreds € depending on the country or origin) and Structurally wise, the container shape helps is already calculated reduce any torsion or deflection with a very big load fit inside.

Fitting a cladding and equipment for a bar can be way less load, that what this units are used too. This made them the perfect solutions for portable temporary architectural installations to held temporary uses at events, shows, and venues of all kinds.

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